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    We pride ourselves with having produced the easiest and least expensive lobster game to service and maintain. Our 14 years of research and experience has shown that in almost any market these machines will pay for themselves within one year. Some as quick as 4 months, especially in new markets. 

   Maintenance, repair, and replacement costs are usually around $300 per year on an average. That's pretty good considering the sales. We have 24 machines on a local route in SW Florida. These machines have done excellent for 5 years and they still have most of their original parts.

     Our Frames consist of powder coated stainless steel. They will probably out live us. Each machine has a capacity for two dollar bill acceptors instead of one and a quarter slot.  This is good in two ways. First, the employees in your location don't have to be bothered with giving change because the bill acceptor is jammed. Second, you don't have to count hundreds of dollars worth of quarters every week.

    With research we have found an excellent company to supply the entire electronic and crane setup.  In the past these companies come and go, therefore your left with non-repairable parts.  The supplier we are dealing with has been around for a while and just joined partnership with Walt Disney.  This large of a company is great for replacement part pricing. This is a big deal if you have a route with 20 machines.

     The makings of the aquatic system is geared for a tank 4 times the size of the tank in the machines.  This is a big help with maintenance. Once every two to three weeks you need to rinse out the filter bags. We tried to make these machines as simple to run as possible. Simply because, if your not satisfied, you won't buy more machines. 

Email us at This Link or call us at 239-246-2515


Email us at This Link or call us at 239-246-2515

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