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                                                                  Error Code Reference Sheet

Error Definition                                                                                                Error Code

Ram Error (corrupted)                                                                                            01

Carriage and/or x-port not meeting home switches                                                   02

Home Claw Limit Switch Open (power-up)                                                             03

X-port Left limit switch open                                                                                    04

Carriage forward limit switch open                                                                           05

x-port left/right limit switch (closed-expected open)                                                  06

Carriage Forward/Rear limit switch                                                                          08

Claw up limit switch Closed-expected open (power-up)                                           09

Claw up limit switch open                                                                                        11

right limit switch open (push button only)                                                                  12

Rear limit switch open                                                                                              13

Mechanical game meter disconnected                                                                       14

Prize detector error (if equipped)                                                                              15

Claw anti-tangle switch open (power-up)                                                                  16

Joystick left switch error                                                                                           17

Joystick rear switch error                                                                                         18

Joystick right switch error                                                                                         19

Joystick forward switch error                                                                                    20

Joystick claw close switch error                                                                                21

Joystick claw lower switch error                                                                               22

CPU Interrupt (power machine off to reset)                                                               98

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