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                                   Income Potential


First we have to decide what best fits your business desires.

     Do you own a restaurant or bar,  have a vending route already,  or are starting a new business because your tired of working for the man? (That last one was me).   I'll give an idea of how well these machines will work for you.  These numbers are rounded but they reflect the sales of machines we have sold around the country.  Your actual numbers will be reflected by how well a location is and how well the machine is serviced (Cleaned, Stocked, and Promoted).  These units can do anywhere from $400  up to $2400 per week.  A fair average location makes about $1000 per week.  We have had machines in our area for over 10 years and I still have units do over $2000 per week. 


                        Restaurant and Bar owners

 If you own a bar or restaurant these machines are extremely profitable to you.  The only cost is the machines and the lobsters and the rest is profit. This is how an average week would look:

 1 unit Sales              Lobster Cost               Profit           Profit per year

   $1000.00          -           $300            =        $700         =      36,400

The cost of the machine would be covered in the first 4 to 6 months.


      Startup Business or Existing Vending Route Operators

     Your numbers would look like this:

1 unit Sales         Lobster Cost      Commission        Profit         Profit per year

 $1000.00       -        $300      -       $250       =      $450       =     23,400


      This would be $230,000.00 profit with 10 machines or almost 1/2 a million per year with 20 machines.  If this sounds to good to be true just cut the numbers in half. They still sound pretty good.  I've owned two restaurants and worked many many hours in other peoples restaurants before this and all I ended up with was debt.  With this business you can decide how much you want to make.   Need a raise? Just place another machine.



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